Though SymSys Society is a group run by students for students, a common question we encounter is what we plan to do after we graduate. Luckily, one mission of our group is to help students find answers for this question. Our Pathways series allows students to participate in small-group coffee chats with alums, and we occasionally organize field trips to visit their workplaces. If you happen to be visiting Stanford in the near future and would like to get involved, please let us know.

The following is a small sample of alumni who have participated in our events. You may be also interested in looking at this Business Insider article that lists some “big names in tech” and this page that displays faculty/researchers in 20+ academic disciplines.


Craig Hughes - B.S. ‘96. CTO of Cognoa, a digital health startup.

Frank Chen - B.S. ‘92. Partner at Andreessen Horowitz, a venture capital firm.

Parth Bhakta - B.S. ‘13. Investor & co-founder of multiple startups.

Anthony Atlas - B.S. ‘08. VP of Product at Ceres Imaging, a agriculture technology company.

Caroline Debs - B.S. ‘18. UX researcher at Linkedin. (first role after graduation)

Tatiana Grossman - B.S. ‘17. Product manager at Facebook. (first role after graduation)

Sam Hansen - B.S. ‘17. Data scientist at Yelp. (first role after graduation)

Cristian Cibils - B.S. ‘16. Software engineer at Google. (first role after graduation)

Academia & Other

Tiffany Chao - B.S. ‘04. Surgeon & clinical assistant professor at Stanford.

Michael Bernstein - B.S. ‘06. Assistant professor at Stanford in the Human-Computer Interaction Group.

Michael C. Frank - B.S. ‘04. Human biology professor at Stanford in the Language and Cognition Lab.

Nadeem Hussain - B.S. ‘90. Associate professor of philosophy at Stanford.