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Symbolic Systems

Todd Davies (social decisions)

Jeff Shrager (interaction design)

Tom Wasow (syntactic theory, psycholinguistics)

Computer Science

Computer Science - Other

Keith Schwarz (theory of computation, computer science education)

David Dill (computational biology)

Virginia Williams (algorithms)

Cynthia Lee (computer science education)

Eric Roberts (computer science education)

Marty Stepp (computer science education)

Mehran Sahami (computer science education)

John Ousterhout (software systems)

Vaughan Pratt (algorithms)

Chris Chafe (computer music)

Jonathan Berger (computer music)

Ge Wang (computer music)

Computer Science – AI

Yoav Shoham (game theory)

Martin Kay (computational linguistics)

Dan Jurafsky (computational linguistics, natural language processing)

Christopher Manning (computational linguistics, natural language processing)

Percy Liang (machine learning, natural language processing)

Michael Genesereth (logic)

Fei-Fei Li (vision)

Oussama Khatib (robotics)

Andrew Ng (machine learning)

Computer Science - HCI

Michael Bernstein* (crowdsourcing, social computing systems)

James Landay (user interfaces and design)

Jeremy Bailenson (virtual reality)

Terry Winograd (natural language)

Psychology and Neuroscience

Michael Frank* (psycholinguistics)

Ellen Markman (language development)

James McClelland (computational approaches)

Anthony Wagner (memory)

Brian Knutson (neuroscience, emotion)

Herbert Clark (psycholinguistics)

Noah Goodman (probabilistic models)

Jennifer Raymond (neuroscience)

Tobias Gerstenberg (causality & cognition)

Anne Fernald (language acquisition)

Philosophy and Logic

Ken Taylor (philosophy of language and mind)

Thomas Icard (logic)

Krista Lawlor (philosophy of mind)

John Etchemendy  (philosophy of language)

Michael Genesereth (logic)

Johan van Benthem (logic)

Anna-Sara Malmgren (philosophy of mind & language)

Rosa Cao (philosophy of neuroscience)




Christopher Potts (natural language understanding)

Eve Clark (language acquisition) 

Martin Kay (computational linguistics)

Stanley Peters (computational semantics)

Herbert Clark (psycholinguistics)

John Etchemendy (philosophy of language)

Judith Degen (computational psycholinguistics)